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Allergy Treatment

Seasonal/Environmental Allergy Immunotherapy

Allergy Immunotherapy is a desensitization process of the allergy immune system to an allergen. Medications treat symptoms whereas immunotherapy treats the cause of your symptoms. Over time your body will no longer view an allergen as harmful resulting in minimal to no allergy symptoms. Treatment duration lasts between 3 to 5 years requiring weekly injections for the first 1 to 2 years. You should start to feel relief from your injections 3 to 6 months into treatment. Some patients do prefer to remain on injections indefinitely.

At this time, our office only offers Subcutaneous Immunotherapy. Sublingual Immunotherapy has not been approved by the FDA and safety is our number one concern.

Food Allergies

Management of food allergies is very patient-specific. A dietary plan will be established based on your history and testing results. Sometimes avoidance is necessary, but we try to avoid unnecessary dietary restrictions. You will be thoroughly educated and provided with educational materials at your visit.

At this time, allergy immunotherapy is not available for food allergies. Many new methods are being studied, but at this time none are approved.

Stinging Insect Immunotherapy (Venom Immunotherapy)

Venom Immunotherapy is highly recommended for any patient with a history of previous systemic reactions and positive testing. Allergy shots for stinging insects work in the same way that they do for seasonal/environmental allergies. Patients receive injections based on their skin and blood testing results. These injections are extremely successful in venom treatment and prevention of further severe reactions.